Junior Beginner Badminton

Strength and Agility Training

With students this young, some of them are still learning to navigate the world in their own bodies. In our Junior Beginner Badminton program, we help these students develop physical awareness by starting each lesson with some basic strength and agility exercises, which will help them play the game.


For most of our students at this level, they have never held a badminton racquet before. Our goal in the Junior Beginner Badminton program is for our players to learn to basic foundations for playing great badminton like proper forehand and backhand grips; the forehand and backhand swings; and the under hand serve.


As with all sports, there will be an element of timing. In the Junior Badminton Beginners program, students develop a sense of timing by bouncing a shuttle using forehand and backhand strokes and instructor assisted drills.