Stringing Service Fees and Option

Chongtian Badminton is proud to offer international tournament quality stringing services to the Massachusetts badminton community.

Our professional technician received master level training and is qualified by Li-Ning Sports Goods Co LT to meet the stringing standard for domestic and international badminton tournaments organized by Li-Ning Company as well as the Chinese National Badminton Team.

Li-Ning Certificate Number: LN201909A0276G
Awardee: Chongtian Qiu

At Chongtian Badminton, we take great care when stringing your racquet. However, stringing a racquet requires loading the string and the racquet head with a lot of force. Depending on the condition of the racquet, quality of the string, desired string tension, we cannot be responsible for damage to the racquet during and after stringing.

If you have any concerns about stringing your racquet, please discuss with us before requesting our stringing service.

Once we receive your completed stringing request form and racquet, it will take roughly 4 days for us to string your racquet. Our service fees and options are listed in the table below.

Services and Fees for as of 12/01/2021

Service DescriptionPrice
Bring Your Own String (BYOS) $15
Yonex BG 65 $20
Yonex BG 65 Ti $22
Yonex BG 80 $24
Yonex NBG95 $25

Please contact us for payment instructions. If you have any special handling requests, please contact us prior to payment.