Junior Intermediate Badminton

Strength and Agility Training

We believe that it’s important for the students to have fun while developing the skills to play great badminton. Part of playing great badminton is to have the strong muscles and neuro-muscular connections. At the Junior Intermediate Badminton level, we continue to help our students develop physical strength by introducing some more challenging strength and agility exercises.

Refining Techniques

Our goal, at the intermediate stage of our program, is to refining the details in our students’ swings, grips, timing, and body mechanics. The emphasis is to help them develop a controlled and powerful front court game. We also start to develop their back court techniques through instructor lead drills and training aids.

Motion and Footwork

Until now, students have been focused on learning and shots and racquet techniques while stationary. But badminton is dynamic sport and require players to move around the court to make shots. In our Junior Intermediate Badminton program, we start to introduce students this dynamic and footwork for a solid half court game.