Sitan Zhan

Hello! I am Sitan Zhan, a competitive junior badminton player in the USA. I was born in China, where my dad introduced me to the sport of badminton in our backyard, and ever since, I have fallen in love with it. Coming to the USA, I have consistently trained under coach Qiu Chongtian, where I was able to reach a nationally competitive. Then I moved to England, where I continued my pursuit of badminton, joining the county team and actively playing tournaments. After a while, I moved back to the Boston area and kept playing badminton. Throughout my journey, badminton has kept me healthy, improved my habits, and helped me find a sense of community in the several foreign places I moved to. Therefore, I hope to bring the same benefits that I was rewarded through coaching.


-7years of professional badminton training experience

-Trained in the Dalian province team in China

-Trained under the England national team coach Anthony Clark

Competition Experience

-Former ranked 6 national for junior men single in USA

-Current rank top 20 nationally

-Winner of Frisco men’s double under 17 open regionals

-Member of Cambridgeshire county team under 18 at 12 years old

Coaching/teaching experience

-Several experiences of assistant badminton coaching

-experienced tutor for Iridium tutoring

-Teacher Assistant for chinese school