What’s in a string?

It is inevitable. You’ve broken your racket strings and you need it restrung.

Before you go to your nearest and cheapest badminton stringing service, have you ever considered how a poorly strung racket can affect your game? Are you sure you have selected the best string tension that is best suit for your game?

At Chongtian Badminton, we are often asked by our customers why it is so important that badminton racquets are strung by a certified professional. First, we need to consider the string tension in each individual string.

When a customer requests a string tension of 26 lbs, typical stringing services would actually string the entire racquet at 27lbs. As the racquet is used over time, any non-uniform string tensions across each section of string will gradually stretch and relax to the desired 26lbs of tension. However, the problem with this philosophy is that each section of string isn’t guaranteed to stretch evenly. The result is a non-uniform grid pattern as the strings are load cycled. Another problem with using a racquet with unevenly strung strings is the reduced control and increased risk for breaking the string.

Suppose you have one string at 27 lbs and all the remaining strings in the racquet are at 25 lbs. When the shuttle hits the string with the higher tension, the force on the shuttle head is not uniform. This reduces a player’s control of the shot as the shuttle can move in an unintended direction from face of the racquet. In addition, the higher tension string is more prone to wear and breakage because the more load is being delivered to this string.

At Chongtian Badminton, we have been masterfully trained and certified by Li-Ning to provide stringing services to professional athletes competing on the world stage. We take pride in each racquet that we string and we are confident you will feel the difference using a racquet strung by Chongtian Badminton.